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Three, five, seven, fifteen and then thirty-three colors of natural sand, she was honored “the record lady” in the Guinness book – the person finding most colors of the sand in Vietnam. Nowadays, she has already broken her own record: collecting altogether 81 various sand colors. She used to be called The beautiful lady infusing a soul into the sand”, “The lady playing with sand”, etc…Her maiden full name is Tran Thi Hoang Lan, who has been broadcast multiple times in domestic and overseas television programs.


Ý Lan initiated this novel art incidentally on an occasion of visiting her husband’s hometown – Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, by the seaside of Central Vietnam. Remarkably and astonishingly, she had never ever attended any Arts school. Ý Lan just became a sand artist only with her innate aptitude.


With her utmost persistence and meticulosity, her skillful hand wielding a tiny spoon pours the multi-colored natural sand into a glass or a crystal jar, creating lively romantic paintings imbued with human values.

The sand paintings are created with 100% natural-colored sand without any agglutinant but the particles of sand are never discolored, being forever fixed where they are put.

Ý Lan sand paintings have been highly valued and glorified to be:

- The high – quality art work

- The Golden cup art product

- The Top Ten trade mark

- The Vietnamese brand name with customer’s highest valuation and so on.

She herself has been conferred the title:

- The successful businesswoman.

Besides, she did also receive numerous Certificates of Merit from HCMC’s Red Cross Association, HCM’s Sport and Information Service, HCM’s Enterprise Association, HCMC Party Committee Secretary, Chairman of People’s Committee of HCMC, Ministry of Culture and Information, APEC Conference Board of Organizers and Ministry of Foreign Affairs....


Due to the uniqueness of Ý Lan sand paintings, People’s Committee of HCMC did select them to be the APEC logo gifted to the Ministers of the nations participating in the APEC Conference held on June 2006 at Sheraton hotel in HCMC. Moreover, the Government of Vietnam also ordered Ý Lan to make 21 sand portraits of APEC  leaders attending the Summit conference by the end of 2006 in Ha Noi, Vietnam.


Ý Lan sand paintings have implicitly become a symbol of cultural and artistic gifts, a rare and precious handicraft. She has created various kinds of sand paintings such as Landscapes, Calligraphy works, Logos, Particular architectures , Art forms, Religious themes. Especially, sand portrait are the most complicated and difficult art works to make because they require the exact alikeness between the portrait and the person portrayed, the liveliness of the portrait. More and more local and foreign customers have placed orders for Ý Lan sand paintings, esp. the portrait ones.


Thanks to her sand paintings, Ý Lan and her family have achieved numerous social and charity activities such as: nurturing and teaching disabled orphans to make sand paintings, organizing exhibitions and auctions to raise funds for helping handicapped people, poor but studious students overcoming difficulties to continue their academic pursuit, for contributing financially to the Red Cross Association of HCMC, the Study Encouragement Societies…

In order to rapidly and stably develop this innovative and invaluable Art form gifted by the Nature to Vietnam, Ý Lan is willing to receive every Contribution for ideas or co-operation in all fields such as finance, know-how, materials, raw material from individuals or organizations.

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